Organic Food

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     Organic food is the food produced without artificial methods, which means that there are no chemical fertilizers, chemical food additives, and chemical pesticides are used. Organic food is not genetically modified or exposed to radiation. Organic food can be fruits, vegetables, crops, and animal products. Organic meats are hormones free. Which means that the animals were not injected with hormones or antibiotics. Organic food is beneficial for the environment. It has many benefits for soil, water, air and climate changes. Because of the previous factors, organic food is more expensive than conventionally-grown food. However, there is an increase tendency towards organic food consumption recently.

         Organic products marketing lack nutritional content information. Many consumers assume that the natural way of producing organic food provides a greater nutritional quality. While the studies have not shown any evidence that proves the difference between organic and non-organic food in nutritional quality. Few small differences can be found in contents of water, vitamin C, and nitrate. Where vitamin C is higher in organic food compared to conventionally-grown food. Also, water content in some conventionally-grown food is higher compared to organic food. 

     A study among four regions of Saudi Arabia, the center, east, west, and north, has shown that the most consumers of organic food in Saudi are in the center region. The least consumption of organic food is the north region.

     To conclude, organic food defines how ingredients were created, prepared, and raised. So, not all organic food are healthy food. Organic food does not provide a healthier or higher nutrients than conventionally-grown food. Organic food is environmentally friendly. Also, organic food is higher in price than conventionally-grown food. There are some shortage in studies comparing the difference in nutritional quality between the two methods on human health. Enjoy the healthy organic food.



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